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We keep our books open all year round and assess each application on its own merits.

We need to ensure you are a good fit for our agency and that we are able to offer you the best opportunities in this industry
We aim to respond to all applications within 3 weeks. We may ask for a self-tape, or a zoom or in-person meeting before making our decision.

If you do not hear from us after this time please do resend your application.


    Frequently asked questions

    Below we’ve covered your most frequently asked questions, but if you can’t find the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

    At PTC Management we believe that quality two-way communication is key! We have a private Facebook and WhatsApp group, mainly used for last minute castings or strange requests such as family members available to cast with or particular skills.

    We are also available on Whatsapp to our clients to answer questions and help with tapes. We also offer regular update meetings and group zoom chats for Q&A sessions.

    In simple terms, no! When you join us, we will have a conversation about suitability for different types of roles. We are a very busy agency and we do not have time to check before every submission, so we will submit for all roles a client is suitable for. This is a last-minute industry. You need to be available and willing to drop everything. Our most successful clients are fully available and committed to all castings equally. Tagmin will tell us when you are unavailable for important events and holidays.

    Self-tapes are always filmed in landscape. It is preferable to have a very quiet space with a plain background available to tape. Casting directors send very specific instructions to clients, make sure you read the email or link several times before you start.

    We are always available to check your tapes and we look at every one before we submit them through the agency.

    No! As your agents we work very hard to find suitable castings and auditions. We will then help and support you through that process. We cannot guarantee anything, as it is down to the casting directors and the production company who they pick to tape/audition, and for the role.

    There are no joining, website or admin fees to join PTC Management. Every client MUST become a member of Spotlight, which costs £114 a year for a Young Performer and £172.50 for Spotlight Actors, payable direct to Spotlight. You are usually able to pay by monthly direct debit. If you have a disability you can apply for a 50% reduction. All paid jobs are subject to our standard commission rates, which will be agreed when you join and will be in your contract.

    We offer an initial 12-month contract.

    We are a SOLE agent. However, we do have a select few clients who have a stills model agent alongside. You must get permission from both agents for this. Casting Directors who use Spotlight do not like clients having more than one agent.

    You do not need an expensive portfolio of headshots to apply to us. Please just send a snapshot. Every represented client must have professional level headshots, in a style approved by our agency. We are happy to advise, and we use a UK wide headshot photographer who will come to you if you are unable to source your own. We also offer low-cost periodic headshot shoots in West Sussex, not far from Gatwick. Headshots need to be updated annually unless there is little change. We use outdoor, natural headshots as these appeal to casting directors.

    Every client will be given a Tagmin account, which is free to our clients. This is an online diary and updates app, and is used for uploading your self-tapes too. Spotlight and Tagmin must be updated AT ALL TIMES! If you are marked as available and then turn down an audition or role, we will suspend putting you forward for a set period of time.